Once the entire planet will recover his natural form, what he was before will be unconceivable. Once the Nexus will be restored, it will be impossible to conceive existence without it, as it is not natural, it’s not what it IS. It will take some time until the Nexus will integrate everything and Double Life will stage this transition moment, in wonderful, terrible and unpredictable ways. There may be an increased level of emotional power, of sensory perception, and the geometry of Mind connected to living bodies will run through challenging conversions; it will be staged with wars and chaos, with events of an extreme violence, even when it comes to natural phenomena. Mass extinctions, in favour of the creation of new species, even for what concerns the dimension of flora and fauna. Double Life, with the restoration of the Nexus, will stage changes compatible to its reaching of its natural state, to what HE IS and was meant to be since the origin. Misgiving will live no more, and when it will appear, it will be perceived as a challenge, not as a bond, hence it will not freeze the movement. The decision to stop may be made by individual Soul. The individual Soul, does indeed have the option whether to evolve toward realization, or to deny it’s own nature, in favour of Double Life shadows.]]>

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